Connecting 50,000 BMW Employees

Discover how Peer5 and Streamlab stream all-hands meetings to BMW Munich's 50,000 employees.

Connecting 50,000 BMW Employees

Since December 2020, Peer5 and Streamlab have been providing BMW’s Munich headquarters with the ability to stream all-hands events to all of their 50,000 Munich-based employees.

Every Enterprise CDN (ECDN) project gives rise to unique challenges. The specific requirements and distinctive network topologies of each corporation make every new undertaking an adventure, a puzzle to solve.

In the case of BMW, Peer5 and Streamlab were not only confronted with the immense scale of the all-hands events, but also the need to connect employees via multiple platforms, including company-issued computers, tablets and phones, personal devices, and digital signage.

Additionally, many of these devices would need to access the video stream from outside the corporate network, using a dedicated BMW employee app.

Despite all these challenges, Streamlab was able to incorporate Peer5’s peer-to-peer solution in a multidimensional package in a matter of weeks, providing high-quality video to thousands of employees without having to alter BMW’s existing network infrastructure.

Learn more about our Munich-based partner, Streamlab, on their revamped website.

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