Dailymotion + Peer5: A Perfect Streaming Match

Peer5 & Dailymotion - Largest P2P CDN Deployment
Earlier today, we announced a partnership with Dailymotion which will see them leverage our peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve delivery of Live and VOD streams to their users throughout the world.

Because press releases and news articles have to be concise for lots of good reasons, we wanted to use this blog post to offer more details on this specific relationship as well as our thoughts for broadcasters in general.

  • Dailymotion (DM) is a very large video site and a sophisticated buyer of CDN services. Per data from Sitecatalyst, DM gets 300 million unique visitors per month who generate over 3.5 billion monthly videos views. At these kinds of volumes, it not only makes sense to build your own CDN (which, of course, DM has) but to also write your own software to load balance between multiple 3rd party CDNs.

  • Dailymotion is a thought leader in the video streaming space. DM is the original sponsor of the hls.js project, the open-source JavaScript library which implements an HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) client. Originally authored by Guillaume Du Pontavice, hls.js has been adopted by companies such as AOL, Twitter and The New York Times because it provides a robust and high performance non-Flash-based client for HLS adaptive streaming. We are also big fans of hls.js for the same reason - i.e., it allows you to play HLS streams in any browser without resorting to Flash.

  • Despite having one of the biggest server-based CDN infrastructures in the world, DM is a big believer in peer-assisted (i.e., peer-to-peer) delivery of video content. We often use the analogy of a freeway to explain how a server-based CDN works. Freeways have an inelastic supply curve (a finite number of lanes) but must deal with very a elastic demand curve (think rush hour). At any given moment in time, a server-based CDN has a fixed amount of capacity available. If streaming demand surges beyond this fixed capacity, your freeway becomes a parking lot. One can add lanes to the freeway (keep adding servers), but most urban planners would concede that this is not the long term solution for any city’s traffic problems.

  • Though the partnership is in its early stages, we’re already seeing some fantastic results. In South Korea, we’ve been able to offload ~80% of the traffic that previously flowed through DM’s server-based CDNs to our peer-to-peer network. This means that DM can now increase its audience in South Korea by a factor of 5X without deploying any incremental hardware there - a huge win in terms of scalability and cost savings. In South Africa, we’ve reduced the amount of rebuffering that viewers experience by 75%, leading to happier viewers and, ultimately, longer session times which are more monetizable.

  • These results were achieved with minimal integration effort. All Dailymotion had to do was add one line of Javascript to its website. Everything else about its video stack stayed exactly the same - making for a true plug and play experience that allows DM to leverage all of its prior investments in streaming infrastructure (previously deployed hardware, load balancing software, analytic tools, etc).

As our partnership with Dailymotion grows and evolves, we expect to achieve even greater scalability and user experience improvements throughout the world given our ability to deliver content in any geography.

If you’re a broadcaster who has worldwide aspirations like Dailymotion, email us at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can help you to significantly increase stream quality, scale and geographic coverage while simultaneously lowering your content delivery costs.

Founded in 2012, Peer5 operates a serverless CDN for massively-scaled video streaming, providing a TV-grade broadcasting solution for the Internet. Peer5 turns the peak demand issue into an advantage - the more users that watch a stream, the more effective the streaming becomes. By increasing our customers’ streaming capacity by up to 50X, Peer5 ensures perfect video playback with no rebuffering for millions of viewers every day.