Download Completion Ratio: Winning a Customer

I’ve always wondered about businesses and their customer acquisition strategies. Companies spend so much time on marketing and on their products, but I often think they’re missing some of the in between steps. Everybody wants an amazing product, but you have to do more than just get a customer interested, you have to put it in their hands, whether that’s via download completions, hitting the order button, or checking out in a retail store.

When I think about selling software products, download completion percentages are unbelievably important. If you’re making video games, selling software, etc., download completions lead to users. As more and more companies are turning to in-game payments and freemium software, onboarding customers and improving user engagement become a necessity. But to do this, first there must be a download completion.

But how do you improve your site's download completion ratio? I think the two biggest factors are download speeds and reliability. These are two really simple ideas, the faster the download, the more people will finish it and the more reliable the data transfer, the less corruptions and other issues stopping the download completion.

So how exactly do you boost your download completion ratio? Well, to improve download speeds, you can optimize the data transfer in many ways. One of the best is adding a P2P layer, so users can almost instantly receive parts of the files from other users. As for reliability, caching, packet-by-packet transmission and making downloads pauseable and resumable can all increase your download completion percentage.

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