Introducing Peer5 MultiCDN

In 2012 we started Peer5 with the mission to solve the scalability issues intrinsic to CDNs by decentralizing online video delivery. From the start, we focused on enabling peer-to-peer streaming of live content helping providers increase capacity tenfold or more. We proved that peer-to-peer can work at scale, for premium content and for very demanding customers. However, the world of video still relies heavily on CDNs and CDNs can slow it down.

Content delivery networks have finite capacity and geographical coverage. Sometimes this means CDNs becomes a bottleneck and cause quality degradation. Since no CDN can work the best in every region, OTT providers are adopting a multi CDN architecture and protect themselves against suboptimal performance and service disruptions.

But since working with CDNs is hard ,companies usually build with only a small number of providers. While that’s better than using just one CDN, our data shows that this setup would still be vulnerable to network degradation. Diversifying delivery beyond three or four CDNs improves performance significantly, especially during peak times.

An example for a CDN outage
An example for a CDN outage. Source: Cedexis data for Mar 2019, Argentina

The best CDN for every user

Online video user expectations are getting higher every day and we want to ensure that content delivery never gets in the way. To do this well, you need much more than three or four CDNs. This means connecting every viewer to the best possible source, even if it's a lesser known regional CDN.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are already working with 15 leading CDNs around the globe to deliver on this goal. The Peer5 MultiCDN network acts as a single orchestrated video delivery layer through a single API and one contract. The performance of this stack is already extremely promising, with Cedexis reporting Peer5 MultiCDN as the #1 in throughput and latency globally.

Peer5 MultiCDN 95th percentile as reported by Cedexis
Peer5 MultiCDN 95th percentile as reported by Cedexis. Source: Source: Cedexis data for Mar 2019, globally

What’s in the box?

  1. 15 CDNs optimized for video - We tune all the sources with the latest protocols and features such as BBR, QUIC and origin shielding.
  2. Real time client and server-side switching algorithm - We built, over a few years, a highly robust routing technology capable of switching instantly to the fastest possible path. The real time decisioning, down to the segment level, significantly reduces the time it takes to overcome performance issue and can completely avoid QoE problem.
  3. Last mile delivery - Optimize your last mile delivery with our peer-to-peer network. We are the first CDN to use WebRTC for video delivery. It’s seamless solution that requires no end user installation. Peering gives us extra coverage and capacity and is ideal for large scale live streaming and underserved regions.
  4. QoE Analytics - our analytics dashboard uses real client-side data to monitor the performance of each CDN on the actual quality each user perceives. The QoE data is fed back to the system and used for future decisions.
  5. Managed solution - we orchestrate all the different sources to work well together and manage contracts, so you don’t have to chase vendors, test all possible configurations in all the possible different environments, etc. All of that delivered through a single API.

By combining a large number of global and regional CDNs and of course, P2P, we are providing the best performing and resilient video delivery stack. And we provide it all through a single API under one contract.

Aligning with our customers

Over the last 7 years we implemented our client-based delivery on top of virtually every CDN out there, we’ve optimized our p2p network and switching technologies for some of the most performance sensitive customers in streaming video, gaining insights, expertise and a point of view for how a modern video delivery stack should function and how to measure and monitor its performance. We are committed to execute on this idea by working with as many CDNs and sources of delivery as possible, continuously improving performance, tweaking protocols and making sure those CDNs perform the best together.

We are starting with 15 different CDNs integrated into a single performance engineered solution. Having optimized all the different sources and made sure they work well together. We take care of configuring each CDN/source independently, so you can focus on building an awesome video service (do your job).
In the coming months, we will be adding more caching methods, expanding our network of providers and exposing everything under our API.

Can I try Peer5 MultiCDN with my existing CDN?


You can test the Peer5 solution next to your existing CDN or multi CDN. Our customers in live sports, linear and eSports are seeing fewer rebuffering events using Peer5 MultiCDN. We'll be giving early access to select users. If you're interested in checking it out, please request early access.