Microsoft Edge is now Peer5 supported!

Microsoft Edge is now Peer5 supported!

Back in 2013, Google and Mozilla were excited to report the first WebRTC call between Chrome and Firefox. By 2015, Edge supported WebRTC calls as well. But for us, the missing piece was the DataChannels -- the API that we use to send arbitrary chunks of data between WebRTC clients. It was never implemented in Edge and, without DataChannels, we can’t form our mesh network.

When Microsoft announced their plan to build Edge on top of the open source Chromium browser, we were ecstatic. It’s the last browser that we didn’t support and Microsoft’s commitment to Chromium meant full support for WebRTC, including DataChannels.

Over the past few months, we’ve been able to test the DataChannel support and now we’re excited to announce official support for Edge.

Edge, this is Chrome, Safari and Firefox sending you video bits:

Screenshot of a Peer5 test page

The results look good, as though Chrome itself was running :-)

On January 15, Edge is going to be officially released. The auto-update also starts on that day so we can expect many individuals and organizations to be on Chromium Edge in a few days!

If you’ve always wanted to use Peer5 for corporate streaming but your company was on Microsoft Edge, your wait has finally ended. Test Peer5 now