Peer5 and Kaltura partner up for a live demo

We have been working lately on integrating our product with Kaltura, a world leading video platform, to demonstrate our product on their system.
Last week, Kaltura blogged about our technology and announced our mutual work together. This partnership enables Kaltura customers to use Peer5 out of the box.

Kaltura Creating an add-on for the Kaltura platform was really easy. With support from the great guys at Kaltura, we have managed to create a working demo of our product within their system in no time.

The purpose of the demo, as mentioned in the blog, was to invite people for a sneak preview of our technology and experience the first ever plugin-free, large-scale peer-assisted streaming of video from multiple sources around the world.

Now, I wanted to share some information about the demo. Folks that have read the blog post were referred to a sign-up page. After signing up, people were asked to browse to the demo page at a specific time.

92% Offloading

We were aiming to have some concurrent viewers at all times during the demo, and indeed, viewers from America, Europe, Asia and Australia were watching the video simultaneously. These viewers helped each other to stream the video and the results were amazing.

During the demo, 90% of all consumed bandwidth was transferred within peers. This decreased our server load (Only 10% of bandwidth came from our servers) which resulted in a much better overall performance.

Librato Dashboard for Peer5

Average startup time was 1.5 seconds while industry average stream startup time is 2.2 seconds. Loading time is crucial because users are very impatient. Conviva, a video analytics company based in California, reports that "Viewers who abandon a stream do so most of the time between 2 and 3 seconds of waiting ".

Another key metric for UX performance, Average Buffering time per view,  was kept underneath 2 seconds per stream which is much better then the industry average.

I want to thank our demo participants. With your help we have managed to successfully confirm that by using a peer assisted delivery method, end users will enjoy an improved quality of experience while watching their favorite content.

Want to become a part of our limited closed alpha?  contact us for more details.

Guy Paskar


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