Content Delivery and the Peer5 Downloader

Content delivery, or the transfer of information over the Internet, is an ever-growing component of the web experience. Changes in Internet technology, including the development of WebRTC and HTML5, have created major opportunities for the next generation of content delivery. As industry expert Ilya Grigorik explains in his latest book, “WebRTC breaks away from the familiar client-to-server communication model, which results in a full re-engineering of the networking layer in the browser...” Leveraging these new technologies, Peer5 has been able to create an in-browser, hybrid HTTP /Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Downloader that provides efficient and seamless content delivery for all web users.

In today’s Internet climate, people expect the fastest downloads possible. When many individuals request the same content using traditional HTTP servers, content delivery slows and the user experience worsens. Peer5 believes that everyone deserves optimal content delivery regardless of traffic, which is why we have incorporated hybrid, HTTP/Peer-To-Peer technology into our Downloader. As more people request the same content, a P2P mesh network is created and users speed up each others downloads. At the same time, content provider bandwidth costs decrease significantly.

Although P2P download managers are not necessarily new to content delivery, they have always required an additional installation, whether it be a plug-in, an add-on or some other software. When faced with installations, users frequently exit the page they’re on and search for the content elsewhere. The Peer5 Downloader remedies this issue by providing a content delivery platform that is strictly in-browser, with absolutely no annoying plugins.

By combining hybrid HTTP/P2P systems and in-browser technology, Peer5 has been able to create a Downloader that maximizes user experience by providing an efficient and seamless content delivery platform.

Check out the Peer5 Downloader here!