Peer5 in Las Vegas @ NAB 2016

Come meet Peer5 at NAB 2016 (April 16th-21st) at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Our exhibit will feature key members of our team and a demonstration of our groundbreaking serverless content delivery network (CDN) for live and on-demand video streaming. You can find us in the South Upper Hall at booth SU10210.

Utilizing HTML5 and WebRTC, the Peer5 CDN vastly improves content delivery with absolutely no end user installation while also supporing the latest content protection & security protocols. Our novel peer-to-peer (p2p) architecture turns the peak concurrency issue into an advantage - our streaming quality actually improves as traffic increases, with no limit on the scalability that we can achieve. Moreover, since Peer5 performs its best at the precise moment when traditional CDNs degrade the most, our p2p solution is the perfect complement to your existing http-based CDN infrastructure. In fact, we designed our system to integrate seamlessly with the services offered by Akamai, Level 3, Amazon CloudFront and other traditional CDNs – you don’t have to change anything about your existing CDN set-up in order to benefit from Peer5.

We’ve achieved the following milestones with our customers:

  • Support for 200,000+ concurrent viewers for a live broadcast
  • A 30% increase in average session duration
  • A 40% reduction in total rebuffering time
  • Delivery capacity increased by a factor of 25x
  • Bandwidth usage decreased by more than 95% during peak concurrency

Use the form below to arrange a meeting with us at NAB.

April 20th, please join Peer5 and other media innovators at the DASH-IF & UHDF Networking Reception and meet the people behind the industry’s leading entertainment technology companies. There is a limited number of tickets to this event, please use this form to reserve your spot today.


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