Peer5 releases iOS and Smart TV SDKs

Peer5 releases iOS and Smart TV SDKs

It’s 2018 and we are pleased to announce the GA release of our Android SDK which is now available to all of our customers! We’re also launching the beta of our Apple iOS / tvOS SDK and several Smart TV and connected device SDKs that users can now sign up for!

When we started Peer5 back in 2012, only weird development browsers supported WebRTC. Today, browser support is excellent and the developers of WebRTC are doing an amazing job. Even Apple, the last major WebRTC holdout, has embraced the technology - announcing during WWDC 2017 that it would add support for WebRTC in Safari. Support for WebRTC is here and ubiquitous.

We’re now releasing the Peer5 Android SDK available to all of our customers on our Broadcaster and Enterprise plans

Maximizing browser coverage has always been a priority and we added support for Safari 11 just weeks after its GA release. As WebRTC support has improved in browsers, our Javascript SDK has become more stable, robust and easy to use. We currently support 11 different web video players and we can easily add support for any player that isn’t already on the list. More importantly, customers such as Dailymotion and Grupo Clarin are very happy with the performance and quality of our streaming. This was important for us as we wanted to achieve the highest quality standards possible before adding support for more platforms.

Peer5 p2p video streaming CDN

But support more platforms we must. In 2018, people are watching video across many different platforms and devices - native Android and iOS mobile apps, dedicated set top boxes, smart TVs and streaming devices of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make Peer5 compatible with as many of these streaming platforms as possible.

To that end, we released the beta version of our Android SDK back in March 2017. This was our first native SDK implementation and our design philosophy was to keep the integration as simple as possible - i.e., nothing more complicated than adding 2 lines of JavaScript to a web page. Over the last 9 months, we’ve been iterating on the SDK with a few select customers to ensure maximum performance and stability.

The results have exceeded all of our expectations, and we’re now releasing the Peer5 Android SDK available to all of our customers on our Broadcaster and Enterprise plans. The SDK is very lightweight and only takes 10 minutes to integrate. It supports any Android video player (notably ExoPlayer & MediaPlayer) and has been extensively tested on a wide array of Android devices, including mobile phones, set top boxes and connected TVs. The full documentation is available here.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the beta release of SDKs for 6 more platforms!

For these new SDKs, we’ve maintained the same design principle: an extremely developer friendly and easy-to-use API. We’ve also optimized for performance and kept the SDKs very lightweight (less than 50 Kilobytes in size).

The new SDKs are now available for select customers. Please submit a request if you’re interested in joining the closed beta.

Please let us know if you need support for a specific platform or web player that is not listed. We’re available on Twitter, Facebook as well.

Happy New Year and Happy Streaming,

The Peer5 team

Peer5 operates a WebRTC-based peer-to-peer content delivery network (CDN) for massively-scaled video streaming. Peer5 turns the peak demand issue into an advantage - the more users that watch, the more effective the streaming becomes for everybody. By increasing our customers’ streaming capacity by a factor of up to 100x, Peer5 ensures perfect video playback with no buffering for millions of viewers every day.

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