server?...pffft. Introducing Sharefest - web p2p

It’s Friday afternoon, my colleague and I are sitting in a coffee shop  - work as usual. I have an 80MB file he needs, forgot my DOK, and I sure don’t want to share a folder in a coffe shop wifi. A mission for dropbox! dragging to dropbox...the tooltip indicates “20 minutes left”.Sigh. I wish Google/Mozilla will release WebRTC’s DataChannel already.

*6 Months later*

Sharefest is a file sharing (many-to-many) web application, allowing EVERYONE to share files with whomever they need. “What’s the big deal?” you ask. Well, it does so without uploading the file to any server. Utilizing the fresh WebRTC’s DataChannel API. What’s even more cool is that the more people you share the file with - the faster it gets! What a person needs to do in order to share a file is enter drag and drop a file, and immediately he gets a link he can share with friends. anyone opening that link will seamlessly start participating in this p2p network, get and share parts of the file with others.

In the background: Sharefest is using a mesh network architecture, that connects between peers that can help each other the most to download the file, they transfer pieces of the file among themselves avoiding client-server traditional throughput bottlenecks. For example in the scenario mentioned in the beginning, the file packets won’t even leave the wifi.

We invite people to give us feedback and help us improve it, the project is open source and there’s still much work to be done!

Disclaimer: The APIs we’re using here are so new they aren’t stable in any release channel of browsers. so you’ll need (for the following month or two) to use chrome beta (M26) or firefox aurora (21). sharefest is in its alpha stage.

TL;DR: sharefest is an easy to use p2p file sharing web application To get you started we're seeding github installation for windows:

Shachar Zohar

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