2B Minutes, 112M views served over Peer5's P2P network during the 2018 World Cup

On the sports level, the 2018 World Cup was simply fantastic. Great football (soccer/futbol) was played. There were many surprises, wins by underdogs, some amazing goals and an awesome competitive spirit. Impressive and inspiring performances by Croatia, England, Belgium and obviously France.

Record breaking World Cup - Read Report!

For the streaming industry, the 2018 World Cup was a massive and important event. 4 years ago, streaming wasn’t really a viable option for long-form viewing. This year, streaming was definitely an alternative to traditional broadcast, with many high quality streams (some in 4K), polished apps and cutting-edge user experiences.

This made the World Cup the biggest streaming event in history, but there were some hiccups along the way as seen in the cases of Optus, The BBC and YouTube. Despite these hiccups, most broadcasters were well prepared for the event, with a multi-CDN approach that enabled them to deliver quality streams and attract new subscribers

FuboTV had huge growth in viewership

From Peer5’s perspective, we worked hard to ensure there were no technical problems and our infrastructure successfully scaled to support the huge peaks. We closely monitored the performance of multiple broadcasters who streamed the games with us, including FuboTV, RTP Portugal, a LATAM broadcaster and a large telco in Asia.

Overall, we delivered 2 Billion minutes of video over 112 Million video sessions (views). In comparison, the BBC had 66M views!

Our team has compiled a comprehensive "Peer5 World Cup Report" based on our data and data from 3rd parties such as Conviva and Akamai. We explain what happens when you stream to millions of simultaneous viewers, how CDNs perform during peaks and what impact P2P makes.

Read The Peer5 Report

We obviously couldn’t share all of the data that we captured during the World Cup in this report, so please let us know if you’d like to learn more.

The full Peer5 World Cup report is here.