What's up with Peer5

It's been a while since you've heard from us.
The new website is not what kept us busy.
We were working hard on our platform from the ground up.
We redesigned the platform so it would be useful for many use cases, not only video streaming, but also audio, games, image delivery and more.
The new peer5 downloader is now out in beta and demand has been amazing! (We’re working hard to fulfill all of your requests, so please be patient, we haven’t forgotten about you!)

Why are we doing all of this? Many developers had asked us to help them deliver their webapps, but unfortunately our solution was only for video.
Video is cool, but there are so many other varieties of media, and we wanted to provide a more inclusive and generic web P2P platform.
Our service is helpful in scenarios that require high bandwidth and great performance, and now it's as encompassing as ever.

We thought about it quite a bit, and decided that developers should be able to use our "mesh-as-a-service" to fetch assets in familiar ways.
To make it possible, we shipped our new API, P2PXHR, which is compatible with XMLHTTPRequest API (AKA ajax).
This AJAX compatibility means it's easy to switch from simple HTTP resource GETs to peer-assisted, awesome GETs!
Just specify the URL and Peer5 will connect your users into a mesh, helping them to get the resource.

var request = new peer5.Request(); request.open('GET', 'http://path/to/a/big/file.json'); request.onload = function(e) { console.log(this.response); ... }; request.send();

Now, we want to put all of our products on top of this API.
Sharefest, our beloved project is switching to it now and would become much cleaner and powerful.
The new downloader also uses this API, and soon we are going to build more demos, and showcasing awesome customers which use this "peerajax" (find us a name!) to build fast, distributed apps.

Hadar Weiss

Peer5 Co-Founder and CEO

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